About me

Kristin Berger Mortensen

Carpe Diem

I´m a creative person, "born with pencil and brush in my hand". 


Colours, paper, pencil, brush, wather, light, inspiration, mac, airbrush, illustrator, photo, 3-d, happy, feelings, portraits, nature,  texture, yarn, shape, textiles, fashion,

Illustrations, Print ,textiles, graphics,


About Me:

Educated designer and Pattern Maker at Esmod International Fashion School.

I started my career 30 years ago, in advertising agency as ad-assistant and illustrator.

From there- a long "journey" of education, special courses, exhibitions and experience in different positions in creative industry. My expertise has been built "brick by brick". A fairly broad spectrum of experience, from sketch to finished product.

I have worked closely both directly to customers and suppliers, used to follow up production and the producers in the Far East and Europe. My tools have been in addition to pencil, ink and brushes, Mac and PC, and I`m familiar with all the most used applications in graphic design, such as Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop, etc.

Have also worked with teaching, both special courses and seminars, and taught at Esmod International Fashion School in Oslo for 2 years.

I now have 40 years behind as a Fashion Designer, Pattern Maker, Illustrator, Graphic designer and Art director;

in advertising, corporate branding, product and textile design, patternmaking, printing, newspaper, and sales.

And the journey goes on!